TB Electrix provide safe and efficient Fuse Board Upgrades & House Rewires

When it comes to the electrical safety of your home, be sure to choose local, experienced electricians who can complete the work efficiently and safely. Choose TB Electrix.

Fuse Board upgrades, renewals and rewiring are required to ensure the safety of your home. At TB Electrix we are complete domestic electricians able to complete all work efficiently and safely.  Whatever your requirements TB Electrix are here to ensure your home is safe and meets latest regulations to provide peace of mind.

The electrical demands for a property for significantly greater than 20 – 30 years ago and safety standards and regulations are ever evolving. If you home still has the original equipment from 20 years or longer ago, then it may be sensible to instruct TB Electrix to complete an assessment of the house electrics.

We provide a fuse board renewal and rewiring service to homeowners in the Cannock area which covers everything from advice and partial rewires through to complete wiring renewal. We can check wiring in older properties when purchasing or as required as we want all Cannock residents to be safe. When completing home improvement projects rewiring or partial rewiring may also be required. This is common when adding an extension, loft conversion, new kitchen etc. Contact TB Electrix with any questions or concerns you may have as it’s never wise to ignore electrical concerns.

Rewire / Fuse Board Process

  • Assessment by qualified electrician of equipment currently installed against latest regulations and safety guidelines
  • Detailed report and quote to upgrade and improve as required
  • Complete Rewire / Fuse Board work safely and efficiently with minimal disruption
  • Test circuits, fuse board and sockets to ensure all regulations are met
  • Provide a certificate of work completed
  • Clean any mess created and leave the property with satisfied customer

Cost of Rewire / Fuse Board Renewal

It is very difficult to provide a price for fuse board renewals or requires without assessing the work as every house is different; even those on the same estate! A bespoke quote is provided for all works which will depend on the amount of work and materials required. One factor will be house size as a small bungalow won’t require the same amount of labour or materials as a four-bedroom house, for example. TB Electrix will always make sure work is completed to the highest standards and you know exactly what work is being undertaken and for what price.

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