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Get your home or business EV charging point professionally installed by TB Electrix and take advantage of £350 grant.

Simply get in touch with TB Electrix today and the team can install a market leading home EV charger with minimal hassle or disruption. We can answer all your questions and we have chargers available to view and discuss at our Cannock showroom. 

*From the 1st of April 2022, the EVHS  grant will no longer be open to homeowners (including people with mortgages) who reside in single unit properties such as bungalows, detached, semi-detached or terraced housing.

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EV Car Chargers

Within the next few years, the majority of new cars sold will run at least in part on electricity. If you think about your daily car journeys around Cannock and further afield, once you’ve added up the school run, the shopping, and any other errands, it can seem like you’re constantly at the fuel pump. However, running an electric vehicle is not only better for the environment, it’s better for your pocket too. 

TB Electrix can install an EV Charging Point at your home, giving you a convenient and affordable home car charging solution. We serve the whole Cannock area, so we are your local go-to for EV car charging points. Let’s look at the advantages of electric cars and home charging points. 

Electric cars and hybrids

Electric vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and there’s no sign of a slow-up yet. The range of features is ever-increasing, and prices are coming down year on year. Electric vehicles used to be a rarity, but soon they will be the norm, and petrol and diesel vehicles will gradually be phased out. Even if you don’t currently know of any EV charging points nearby, you soon will. 

Good for the environment

Electric vehicles are better for the environment. Electric vehicles do not emit green house gases and other air pollutants. If you’re keen to help the planet, an electric car is the way to go. The UK government has pledged to make new vehicle sales ‘zero emissions’ by 2030. 

No hidden costs

Another bonus is that electric vehicles are exempt from road tax, and they are much cheaper to run. You could pay under a pound a day to charge your car fully, taking you a minimum of 100 miles. There’s also less to go wrong under the hood – electric engines have fewer than 20 moving parts, so you’re less likely to have expensive mechanical bills. 

Electric car performance

Electric cars benefit from instant torque beyond that of petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles providing fast acceleration. Many electric car drives rave about the instant throttle response and smooth drive without the need for gear changes.

Charging Stations

The benefits of electric vehicles are clear, and the government is keen for people to make cleaner, more environmentally friendly transport choices. They have also pledged over £1 billion to spend on speeding up the rollout of electric vehicles. 

For home drivers, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides grants of up to up to £350 to have an EV charging point installed at your home. So now is the time to act and contact TB Electrix for a home EV charging point installation.

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